Starting a new company. Martin & Michael both gave me advice during the process of setting up my business(es) with accounts, registering the ltd company and creating my business plan. yes, everything has been excellent. What could they have done better? Nothing. Everything was a breeze and done in a calm but controlled manner.
Too much paperwork and needed a anytime solution and I work all weird hours. He provided a cloud based software solution. 100% What could they have done better? nothing
As a growing business we reached a point where we needed an accountant who could help us with bookkeeping and all other administrative tasks for things such as vat returns and corporation tax. Their online platform is excellent. Martin and the team were able to clean up our accounts so everything was up to date
The circumstances were that I have MS and required an accountant to help and advise me. He explained the law and budgets that I required help with. The outcome is long and complicated however I am still receiving calls many months later and am very happy with the progress of the business.
Wanted to start a business.Formed limited company provided me with advice and guidance. 100% What could they have done better? Nothing at all
Changed accountants. Provided on line software that changed the way i work. Yes,What could they have done better? Nothing
I desperately need an accountant that can look after my accounts, allowing me to get on building my business.Very helpful and professional approach, they always check if everything is ok and if I got a quick response. So glad I came across VouchedFor! My expectations have been exceeded. The efficiency is second to none.
Cost and convenience.Cheaper monthly cost plus open 24 hrs a day and software. For sure What could they have done better? Nothing

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